Good Reviews VS Bad Reviews

Someone asked us about the bad reviews on a site called WOT. We wouldn’t have known about them (or of this website), so we had to investigate whether or not we can do anything to make our customer happy. We were surprised to find out that these were actually fake reviews, some of them published more than 10 years ago.

To further clarify this: the Gadgets Mall, as it is now, has been released in autumn 2020. We don’t know what kind of business owned our current domain name 12 years ago, and we’re definitely not related to them. Besides, the reviews themselves are similar to each other and it looks like their only purpose was to advertise the link.

In conclusion, you can safely ignore reviews older than 2021 and any website displaying them.

We are disappointed of sites publishing such fake reviews, as WOT is. We have contacted them and tried to clarify the situation. Obviously this is damaging our reputation, but they don’t seem to care. Instead they are advising to beg for (new) reviews on their forum. To further add to their incompetency and unprofessionalism, we have tried to register on their forum, but the registration email never arrived so our official account is inactive.

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