PayPal payment issues (16th-17th April)

During the last 2 days, we’ve had a couple of sales that ended up with the status “On Hold” in our PayPal transaction list. That means that the payments are blocked by PayPal. Because of this, we cannot process these orders.

We have tried to notify our customers about this issue and advised them to submit PayPal claims rather than waiting for us to deal with PayPal. This will allow them to get their money back faster, as for now we don’t have much control on this issue. We’d also like to apologize for this. While PayPal will process the refunds themselves and make sure the payments are back, it is still lost time.

Why this happened?

We suspect fake customers, online card thieves and/or hackers (that took control of others’ PayPal accounts) tried to purchase online. While we do appreciate PayPal placing these orders on hold, they shouldn’t have let them through at all.

The solution?

For the customers, simply open a claim on PayPal. For our business, we have temporarily removed PayPal as a payment method. We hope to get it solved soon and hopefully enable it again though.

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