Alternative Payments

There are instances when the placed order encounters challenges during checkout processing. These issues may arise due to stringent anti-fraud checks or when the payment amount exceeds certain limits.

If this is the case, we suggest you choose the Alternative Payment instead. This allows paying by Wire Transfer, Card and also Wise balance. We recommend the Wire Transfer due to 2 major advantages:

  • it never fails, regardless of the amount paid
  • it benefits from 1% discount coupon

Here’s how to pay using alternative methods:

  1. Select “Alternative Payments” at checkout.
  2. Complete your order. Don’t forget to use the coupon code (if you plan to pay by wire transfer).
  3. Look for a new email with the subject “Thank you for your order!”
  4. Reply to that email with your confirmation.
  5. Without your confirmation (above), we cannot process and email your payment link.

  6. We’ll send you a custom payment link.
  7. Click the payment link (powered by Wise).
  8. Choose your preferred payment method.
  9. Verify the payment amount matches your order price (-1%).
  10. Make the payment.

As soon as we’ll receive it, we will proceed with the delivery.

Important: since the alternative payments requires some extra processing (email confirmation), we have enabled it only for orders higher than 100$. This way we will not have to spend extra time with the customers that later change their minds and do not honor their payments.

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