Payment methods

We currently offer two main payment methods, each with their own pros/cons. The instant and mostly used payment method is PayPal, which allow the customer to pay using their PayPal credit or to use a bank card (debit/credit). In both situations the payment is confirmed instantly, which can increase processing and delivery time.

PayPal is not available everywhere or for everyone, so a second payment method has been introduced. This is an external payment service offered by Wise (previously known as TransferWise), which includes card payment and bank transfer. While it might take longer to process this purchases – because a personalized payment link needs to be generated and emailed – the customer has the guarantee that their money will reach our account directly, and that PayPal fees will no longer apply. The Wise payment method can be chosen on the checkout page, and it is named Alternative Payments (click to read more).

Another big advantage of using the Alternative Payment Method (wire transfer in particular), is that the customer can use a 1% discount coupon for every order, as many times they want.

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